(Agile) Portfolio Manager / PMO

Freelancer / Interim Manager

“Priority on Doing the Right Things.”

My Professional Focus

Portfolio Management (PPM)
Project Management Office (PMO)
IT Product Organization / Agile Mindset / Digitalization
Change Management / Organisational Development
Project Management

My Lighthouse Projects

  • Open disruptive idea project in the course of streamlining and increasing the effectiveness of IT administration
  • Idea generation and systematic exploration via a slot machine concept.
  • Basic concept is that domain owner, product owner and business owner of a
    product organization take intrinsic responsibility for administrative activities. To this end, they are themselves responsible as entrepreneurs under an umbrella organization for the holistic business management of their IT products as a microenterprise.
  • The umbrella organization acts as the market hall owner offering higher-level value-added services for the products. Market participants on the demand side are internal customer stakeholders. Upon market maturity within, there is the possibility of releasing to the external market.

Setup of an value and outcome-driven portfolio concept to METRO based on the OKR Framework.

Setup of an agile prioritization approach based on traditional project and portfolio management. 

First establishment of such an official function within METRO.
– Assumption of all planning and control tasks from a business management aspects.
– Coordination of the transfer of products to the preferred cooperation partner
Infosys Limited.
– Establishment of project management competence to support major IT projects.
– Establishment of a network to other companies with regard to the PMO function:
Participation in PPM experience exchanges.

 Procedure known as Type 3 settlement at METRO.
– METRO AG was named as property owner for Common Solutions which were not or only partially rolled out to the countries.
had been rolled out.
– METRO AG is the prefinancer and intellectual property owner of the Common Solutions.
– Quaternary calculation of the pre-financed and future values incl. depreciation for tax reasons to the countries.
Depreciation for tax reasons to the countries according to the rollout plan
– For countries not yet using the Common Solutions: Reduction of the
Incentive to introduce the Common Solutions, otherwise double financing.
– Ongoing explanation of the socialization procedure to the
country organizations

My Freshest Certificates

Well-selected delights that instantly brighten up my day. Whether its agility, coaching or project management, I use the finest components to produce best ideas and results.

My Special Skills

Brainstorming / Idea Creation
Flipchart Sketching / Canvas / Visualization
Conference Speaking
Story Telling

My Service Portfolio

Design, build and manage traditional and agile portfolios in the IT sector of any type and nature according to strategic objectives.

Design, Setup and Running of Project Management Office (PMO) organizations according to traditional and agile principles.

From Project to Product Organisation

Project Management according to PRINCE2 Agile methodology

OKR, Agile Mindset, Digital Transformation, Product Organisation

“I'm best at things that combine the new with the familiar in a broad context.”


Cyryl Naleway


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